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doctor on the ship

October 19, 2008

i have a friend who hate the hospital. he said he hate the smell of medicine and afraid of the atmosphere of the hospital. i think many people have the same opinion just like him. when i think about his problem, i really want to create a hospital that not make people afraid.

this is just an idea, maybe i can make hospital that build in the ship. it really fun when sick people, who usually laid on the bed in hospital, can enjoy the great sight of sea and sky. just like a people who go on vacation. the ship also should have nurse and doctor that can help them. the ship also should arrange some kind of trip, maybe on pacific. it maybe fun if the ship stop to some quiet island, with wonderful view and arrange some fireworks. it should be fun.

the patient also should obey the doctor though. their check up should arrange perfectly and the medicine inventory should be checked every day. it maybe need a lot of cash, but i think it will profitable.


why people need creativity??

October 19, 2008

did you realize what will happen if human cannot use their brain? i think the answer is the world will not changed at all. the world will stay just like 4 trillion ago. but because of human, the world has changed into the best place to live.

why people need creativity? of course its to help us to develop new thing, for our better future and fulfill our needs. we are a human, born with infinite desire. we always think to help solve our problem and find a solution for the problems. we need creativity to help us solve them. human also will face the new problem every time the technology is developed. creativity help the developed, also help to solve problem.

human always wants to be different. thats why creativity will help us to make us different with the others. human also always competing each other, thats why creativity will help us to reach the win-win solution. beside competing, human also responsible to help each other, thats why creativity used to make us help the others as much as we can.

Hanung Bramantyo

October 19, 2008

I think this person also considered as creative person. his name is Setiawan Hanung Bramantyo. many people in Indonesia has recognize him as the best director. he already made many movie in Indonesia and he win many award in Festival Film Indonesia. his first movie that showed in cinema is Brownies and published in 2004. not satisfied with that, then he direct another movie just like Catatan akhir sekolah(2005), Jomblo(2006), get married (2007), and ayat-ayat cinta(2007). the category of his movie is also different, thats why i think he is creative.

i think he is also described as creative personbecause can create many movie with just open his mind. he really serious with his job. he really give all his idea and emotion to create the movie. peoples also really appreciate with his movie and many people has say his movie really move them.

Didier Drogba – The Autobiography

October 18, 2008

I really love Chelsea. I think Chelsea is the best club in Europe. I know the club didn’t manage win the champions league last year, it maybe not their year. But still, I think Chelsea will get what he wants this year.

Didier Drogba launched his autobiography. That’s some great news for Chelsea fans like me. Profits from the book are going to his foundation, which intends to build a clinic for child refugees from the war. He shows a nice figure with that.

When I search some news about the autobiography, I found some quotes that written by Glenn Moore. The quotes said that Drogba wants to leave Chelsea. Maybe yesterday he said he don’t want to leave Chelsea and wants to end his career there. But the autobiography said “I hope I am in my last year at Chelsea. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I let it be known I wish to leave because I want to start again from scratch, try something new”. It maybe true he wants to leave and join Jose Mourinho.

In Chelsea, I like his figure as strong striker. I like to watch him when he scoring the goal with powerful shoots. In my opinion, he is the strongest striker in premier league. I want to watch him work together in front line with Anelka. Both of them can be great combination for Chelsea. I really don’t want him to leave.

Creative Company

October 18, 2008

I think Body Shop is one of many creative company. This company also included as creative company because of their strategy is different with other company, use CSR to gain the customer. Maybe other company also do CSR, but i think Body Shop is the best. He reacted faster when the global warming happen. The company also adapt well with the condition and changed their package with something that will not affected global warming. So it reasonable when the people like to use their product.

The company also managed to not use the animal to test their new product. The company wants to prove that they wants to be friendly with nature. The company also tell the customer to not over used the resource in the world and the customer really appreciate that. The other strategy is to help poor country by buying their product. By buying their product, they used some of their profit to help poor country. I think their promotion strategy is the best.

The customer can also become their member. The member will get a card that save some point each time you shopping there and will get some discount. The member also will be get some prize when they collected some points and can be trade their product. when the member’s birthday, body shop also give some prize. My girlfriend also get some prize in her birthday, the body shop give her a message from The body Shop and she can get the prize in the near body shop.


Creative person

October 18, 2008

“If the world wants him, Masked Rider will revive again”. The creator of Masked Rider, Shotaro Ishinomori tell that when he still alive. I think he is one of many creative person in the world. He really believe with Masked Rider. the super hero which he created has become his life work in the television for over 30 years. The story of Masked Rider has changed over and over and published in every media just like television, magazine, and comic. The Masked Rider really dominated the minds of the kids from time to time.

Masked Rider published in television first in 3 April 1971. Before he named the super hero Masked Rider, he changed the name over and over from “Maskman K”, “Mask Angel”, “Crossfire”, and “Skullman”. He also changed the design of the super hero from mantis, lizard, and robot. Different with the story, the story not changed a lot. The story tell about a normal human, who fight some black organization. The black organization kidnap him and modified his body to make him obey the black organization. After he realize that he is a cyborg, he run away and decided to fight the black organization with his new body, to make sure that no one will suffer just like him.

The story also tell about the condition of the world. Masked rider, the super hero with appearance just like a human combined with mantis, means human who work together with the nature (with symbol of mantis). It also means that the human should respected the nature and used the resource cleverly (not over gathering or over used). Mr. Shotaro Ishinomori  also wants the people in world believe that “good guys always beat the bad guys” and want the people to be a good person.

What is creativity?

October 18, 2008

I think creativity is just like a door. when you wants to enter the room that you not know, you should open the door first. If you open the door, you will know anything that placed in the room. Just like creativity, it can connect you to another new things. With creativity you can enter the new world that not exist yet in your minds. By using creativity in your minds, you can developed, or maybe created many new things.

Low productivity for Blackberry user?

October 18, 2008

When Blackberry come to Indonesia, my girlfriend decided to buy one and she wants me to buy it too, so we can communicate every day cheaply. I think it is a good idea and one day i search some news about Blackberry. I think i found something interesting when i search some news. I found some article in BusinessWeek, writen by Sylvia Ann Hewlett.

It maybe old news for you, but th is the first for me. The article says thats Researchers at Kings’ College London University have found that, across the board, the communication overload causes a professional’s IQ to drop 10 percentage points. It damages a worker’s performance by reducing mental sharpness. The drop in IQ is more significant among men than women.

The article also says that Email overload can be a serious time-waster. A recent survey we conducted at the Center for Work Life Policy demonstrates that 37% of emails received by executives are either redundant or irrelevant—and consume several hours of prime time per week.

I also find the quotes like this, IT consultant Linda Stone has shown how “continuous partial attention” can be seriously dysfunctional. When a professional is bombarded by multiple information streams it becomes hard to sustain focus. Innovation and creativity suffer—as does the quality of decision making.

But i still thinking to buy Blackberry though. It maybe have a negative effect, but every good things always have bad things. If i use carefully, it maybe i can take care the problem myself. Just not over doing it.