Creative Company

I think Body Shop is one of many creative company. This company also included as creative company because of their strategy is different with other company, use CSR to gain the customer. Maybe other company also do CSR, but i think Body Shop is the best. He reacted faster when the global warming happen. The company also adapt well with the condition and changed their package with something that will not affected global warming. So it reasonable when the people like to use their product.

The company also managed to not use the animal to test their new product. The company wants to prove that they wants to be friendly with nature. The company also tell the customer to not over used the resource in the world and the customer really appreciate that. The other strategy is to help poor country by buying their product. By buying their product, they used some of their profit to help poor country. I think their promotion strategy is the best.

The customer can also become their member. The member will get a card that save some point each time you shopping there and will get some discount. The member also will be get some prize when they collected some points and can be trade their product. when the member’s birthday, body shop also give some prize. My girlfriend also get some prize in her birthday, the body shop give her a message from The body Shop and she can get the prize in the near body shop.



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