Creative person

“If the world wants him, Masked Rider will revive again”. The creator of Masked Rider, Shotaro Ishinomori tell that when he still alive. I think he is one of many creative person in the world. He really believe with Masked Rider. the super hero which he created has become his life work in the television for over 30 years. The story of Masked Rider has changed over and over and published in every media just like television, magazine, and comic. The Masked Rider really dominated the minds of the kids from time to time.

Masked Rider published in television first in 3 April 1971. Before he named the super hero Masked Rider, he changed the name over and over from “Maskman K”, “Mask Angel”, “Crossfire”, and “Skullman”. He also changed the design of the super hero from mantis, lizard, and robot. Different with the story, the story not changed a lot. The story tell about a normal human, who fight some black organization. The black organization kidnap him and modified his body to make him obey the black organization. After he realize that he is a cyborg, he run away and decided to fight the black organization with his new body, to make sure that no one will suffer just like him.

The story also tell about the condition of the world. Masked rider, the super hero with appearance just like a human combined with mantis, means human who work together with the nature (with symbol of mantis). It also means that the human should respected the nature and used the resource cleverly (not over gathering or over used). Mr. Shotaro Ishinomori  also wants the people in world believe that “good guys always beat the bad guys” and want the people to be a good person.


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