Didier Drogba – The Autobiography

I really love Chelsea. I think Chelsea is the best club in Europe. I know the club didn’t manage win the champions league last year, it maybe not their year. But still, I think Chelsea will get what he wants this year.

Didier Drogba launched his autobiography. That’s some great news for Chelsea fans like me. Profits from the book are going to his foundation, which intends to build a clinic for child refugees from the war. He shows a nice figure with that.

When I search some news about the autobiography, I found some quotes that written by Glenn Moore. The quotes said that Drogba wants to leave Chelsea. Maybe yesterday he said he don’t want to leave Chelsea and wants to end his career there. But the autobiography said “I hope I am in my last year at Chelsea. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I let it be known I wish to leave because I want to start again from scratch, try something new”. It maybe true he wants to leave and join Jose Mourinho.

In Chelsea, I like his figure as strong striker. I like to watch him when he scoring the goal with powerful shoots. In my opinion, he is the strongest striker in premier league. I want to watch him work together in front line with Anelka. Both of them can be great combination for Chelsea. I really don’t want him to leave.


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