Low productivity for Blackberry user?

When Blackberry come to Indonesia, my girlfriend decided to buy one and she wants me to buy it too, so we can communicate every day cheaply. I think it is a good idea and one day i search some news about Blackberry. I think i found something interesting when i search some news. I found some article in BusinessWeek, writen by Sylvia Ann Hewlett.

It maybe old news for you, but th is the first for me. The article says thats Researchers at Kings’ College London University have found that, across the board, the communication overload causes a professional’s IQ to drop 10 percentage points. It damages a worker’s performance by reducing mental sharpness. The drop in IQ is more significant among men than women.

The article also says that Email overload can be a serious time-waster. A recent survey we conducted at the Center for Work Life Policy demonstrates that 37% of emails received by executives are either redundant or irrelevant—and consume several hours of prime time per week.

I also find the quotes like this, IT consultant Linda Stone has shown how “continuous partial attention” can be seriously dysfunctional. When a professional is bombarded by multiple information streams it becomes hard to sustain focus. Innovation and creativity suffer—as does the quality of decision making.

But i still thinking to buy Blackberry though. It maybe have a negative effect, but every good things always have bad things. If i use carefully, it maybe i can take care the problem myself. Just not over doing it.


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