doctor on the ship

i have a friend who hate the hospital. he said he hate the smell of medicine and afraid of the atmosphere of the hospital. i think many people have the same opinion just like him. when i think about his problem, i really want to create a hospital that not make people afraid.

this is just an idea, maybe i can make hospital that build in the ship. it really fun when sick people, who usually laid on the bed in hospital, can enjoy the great sight of sea and sky. just like a people who go on vacation. the ship also should have nurse and doctor that can help them. the ship also should arrange some kind of trip, maybe on pacific. it maybe fun if the ship stop to some quiet island, with wonderful view and arrange some fireworks. it should be fun.

the patient also should obey the doctor though. their check up should arrange perfectly and the medicine inventory should be checked every day. it maybe need a lot of cash, but i think it will profitable.


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